teacher: what do you do when you’re not at school?

me: *thinking*

luana: she stays on tumblr posting things about supernatural.

me: …not exactly…

professor: do you like supernatural? what is supernatural about? tell me. all i know is that there’s a bunch of vampires in the show.

luana: no, that’s vampire diaries.

me: no, there’s a bunch of monsters.

william: it’s a show about two brothers that fight monsters. and they try to stop the apocalypse…

me: yeah. see, there is lucifer, that is an angel that was in this… prison… “prison” down there, and he ressurge… he rise…

teacher: oh, there is a lucifer in supernatural? the deeeevil, dude!


teacher: if you could have anything you want right now, what would you wish for?

lucas luz: an unicorn!

me: yeah, that! an unicorn.


teacher: and what an unicorn do?

me: they drop rainbows… by it’s ass. :3


13 July

3 years ago